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interactive installationnew media art

expanded architecture

virtual audiovisual architecture


In relation to the theories of expanded cinema this interactive installation tries to create an expanded architecture which is based on the framework of the physical room. With the aid of a controller which acts as a kind of virtual flashlight the viewer is able to not only explore this expanded architecture, s/he even gets part of the audiovisual representation of the room and therefore creates a dynamic feedback system.


construction and function:
Four videoprojectors with DMX controlled moving mirrors (Dynamic Projection) are installed in a cubical room with 6x6x6m. This dimensions are the base of an exact virtual representation of the room inside a software 3d environment build with max/jitter. A Wiimote controller is the haptic interface to a virtual camera inside of this 3d environment. The parameters of the virtual camera are adapted to the physical parameters of the projectors and the cameramovement is linked to the movement of the mirror. The Wiimote therefore controlls the movement of the projector and the virtual camera and acts like a flashlight discovering the hidden virtual layer of the room, represented by an audiovisual composition. Some of the visual and acoustic elements have physical properties which depend on the speed and velocity of the Wiimote movement and therefore creates additional dynamics.


the docuvideo was screened at the expanded architecture film night in sydney on 6.11.2010


2008 soundframe Festival, Künstlerhaus Vienna