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installationnew media art


audiovisual installation


klangbild is the attempt at depicting sounding bodies visually. In acoustic space, it is only possible to hear bodies that either produce sound or reflect it. Sound is the prerequisite for acoustic perception just as light is for visual perception. When sound is absent, no acoustic image or sound pattern of a space can emerge. The fact that we describe even acoustic experiences in images proves how visually dominated our perception is, a phenomenon that Klangbild examines and questions. If visual perception is absent and we can only perceive our world acoustically, the mind conjures corrseponding homogeneous images of sound, body and space. These are visual represantations of acoustic perception.
The sound patterns of waves on a stony shore are examined with the help of an audiovisual composition for which hydrophones were installed on rocks at the key points of wave refraction and recorded synchronously with the image. In the composition, the levels of the recorded sounds determine
the level of visibility of each sound image (waves,rocks). The higher the sound energy produced by a sound object, the more concrete and clear its visual representation.


2008 mobile music workshop, university of applied arts vienna